Game Re-opening Today!!!!!!

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Game Re-opening Today!!!!!! Empty Game Re-opening Today!!!!!!

Post  LeiMeiFung on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:06 pm

Alright as the post says 9D is going to to reopen tonight around 9pm for those of us on the east caost of the US. No we will not have our chars back at this time, my suggestion is to make a new char with your old one's name and add a number to it that is if you wish to play. If you do, you will find me in WTS as LeiMeiFung2(if it'll fit) please do not pester the G1 staff about the acc.db Hyperion has made a locked thread here he will update the community as info comes from Indy21, any posts or threads about the topic of
the DB will belocked delted and bans handed out te sqame goes for anyand i do mean ANY topic inwhich th DB is mentioned.

so this is a compilation of several updates from the 9D forums, all in all, lets meet up and have some fun tonight peace.

g1 chars
Leimeifung3 wt healer gb7 league master
xiuxiayin fc1 wt nuker
many rl alts
LeiMeiFung (League Master) ~GL4 WT HYB
sutsetung ~FD3 WT WARRIOR
LeiMeiLing ~ FD3 SF NUKER
MeiYinLi ~ FD6 WT Nuker

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