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Post  silverhawk on Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:14 pm

I think we are gonna have our accounts as well as our chars and items back when the new 9D servers are open again. Hope to see all you guys soon in new 9Dragons... and this is the post from the CEO of GamersFirst:

Dear 9Dragons Community,

I’m the Founder and CEO of Gamersfirst. Over the last 8 years my team and I have built the GamersFirst community one member at a time and we are welcome all of you into our global network of MMO communities. Your vibrancy and passion were the main reasons why we signed this game from Indy21.

First, I was appalled by how you were all abandoned by the previous publisher of the game, Acclaim. As a gamer, I felt angered and disheartened, by how your community wasn’t shown any respect; I felt your sense of abandonment as they shut down your service with no notice and warning. I promise you that at GamersFirst, you will be provided the utmost respect just as the rest of our communities.

Secondly, I want you to know that Indy21 took no part in deciding when and how the 9Dragon servers were shut down. My colleagues and partners in Korea, at Indy21, were as shocked and surprised as the rest of us as they too were promised a seamless and smooth transition. It seems that the decision to shut down the 9Dragons service was made unilaterally by Acclaim and Playdom. Right now, our first and foremost priority is to help recreate your accounts on our platform as expediently as possible. We’ve already made progress and will be on it like there is no tomorrow. Quite frankly, this process won’t be easy and will require a lot of close collaboration between us and the community. With your help, however, I am confident that we can make it happen and we are committed to working 24x7 till this gets done. From my standpoint as CEO, I view this problem as an opportunity to prove our worth to you. So, from this point on, without any complaint or excuse from us, we will do everything in our power to serve you right.

So, where do we go from here?

Three things I ask you to do:

#1. Stay calm and give us a few days to launch the game servers. Our engineers from both Gamersfirst and Indy21 are working round the clock through the weekend since last Thursday to launch the new website and servers;

#2. Visit the 9Dragon forum as often as you can to find out up-to-the-minute progress. Also, please join our new facebook fan page so you can share information quickly and easily. Our goal is to make the character restoration process as painless as possible. We know how hard you worked to build up your characters. To some of us, it means more than just a game. It’s our life. Although there will be some minor hiccups along the way, I assure you that we will help you restore all your previous characters with or without the screenshots of your characters. You have my word on this. In fact, because you are going through the current crisis and remain loyal community member, if you came back and went through the character restoration process successfully, we will offer you a lot of incentives. I’m positive you will love the special offers to earn and keep your loyalty. Also, we have a lot of new content waiting at the sideline to be deployed. I’m sure you will like what you’ll see as soon as we launch the game;

#3. Tell your friends about the plan we have. Spread the news and let’s get them excited about the new opportunities. I want you to take this opportunity to help us restore and further energize the 9Dragons community. This is the time to test this community’s character and resilience. And, I know, you guys care about the friendships you built over the years and it’s just as important to you as to us.

Gamersfirst is the first and most experienced Free2Play MMO publisher in North America. We have more than 30 million players who created accounts on our platform; and these 30 million friends are welcoming you with open arms. Our mission is to put Gamers First. That means putting YOU first. So, tell your friends about us, about the change. There is new hope.



Founder and CEO



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Post  L_A_D_Y on Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:53 pm

yea lucky with and with out screenshots.
only thing i need is char lvl and some high stuff i had

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